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# Debut Chart
28 Aug '09 R&B
40 Oct '09 Hot 100


Lil wayne: Hello motha fucka hey hi how u der? It's weezy f baby come to take a shit n urine on the toilet bowl bitches. Pussy ass niggas stompin on this beat like a motha fuckin sigma. Bad 2 the bristle, hat 2 the wizle, I'm so official all I need is a whistle. Bitch named krystal let her suck my pistol, she opened up her mouth and den I blow her brains out. Ye aint met a nigga like me prolly never will Ridas rollin wit me like 11 wheels Find out where u livin kill u n the kitchen the feds tryna clip us but we aint even trippin'

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[Chorus] I'm goin' in I'm goin' in I'm goin' in I'm goin' in And ima go hard And ima go hard And ima go hard And ima go hard Drake: First off you know what it is if you heard drake makin hoes wobble Like a bridge in a earthquake never see me out cuz I live in my workplace I give you the business so button up your shirt Straight hookin where I landed you would think I planned it I'm just doin' me and you can never understand it chicks get hammered Big dick bandit money flowin like a slit wrist no bandage Blowing purple clouds nigga I'm so sky high I aint cuting any body slices out of my pie Out of this word tho I'm so sci-fi and I don't sit still I keep it moving like a drive by I just tell the truth so I'm cool in any hood spot 21 years and I never met a good cop Me and wayne lean like gorean doing hook shots cover me I'm going in I'll fuckin' in the hood yah. [Chorus]


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