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5 Feb '92 Adult Contemp


Amanda, I know what you're thinking You and I have much to say And you've been making me crazy Trying to understand But it's impossible at your age

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I know I said I'll always try But you're going to bed Alone again tonight And you lie there in the dark And wonder why [CHORUS] I did it for you and the boys Because love should teach you joy And not the imitation That your mama and daddy Tried to show you I did it for you and for me And because I still believe There's only one thing You can never give up Never compromise on And that's the real thing You need in love You're so afraid your life is over And nothing I can say can change your mind How can anybody be so selfish And treat you all so cruel Go on and scream at me and cry I'll always hold you in my soul And I'm never going to leave you all alone But your daddy doesn't live here anymore [repeat CHORUS] Everybody's got a boat upon the ocean Not everybody's sailing out to sea And is there someone there for me? I'm ready to believe [repeat CHORUS]


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