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Lyrics by: Billy Dean, Tim Nicholas
# Debut Chart
6 Dec '92 Country


From the thoughts That I've been thinking I should think of an alibi Though I'm innocent I've still got a guilty mind

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There's no place that I can turn to When she turns out the lights To keep her from seeing you Burning in my eyes [CHORUS] It's like trying to hide A fire in the dark Carrying around This torch in my heart I cannot conceal it I cannot put it out It's like trying to hide A fire in the dark Trying to fight a flame I never meant to start It's out of control Nothing can help me now No, no, no, no, no At first it was no problem Flickering thoughts Of you now and then Nothing intimate That she could call a sin Then you sparked my imagination Temptation 'bout to drive me wild These flares of desire You can see for miles [repeat CHORUS] Now, no [repeat CHORUS 2x to fade]


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