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Lyrics by: Kix Brooks, Don Cook
# Debut Chart
6 Sep '92 Country


I lost her trail on a Friday night She was gone before I got home She'd been getting restless In that big house all alone I've been up and down these city streets For three nights in a row And, Lord, it's hard to find that girl When she gets the urge to go

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[CHORUS] It's kinda like a lost and found In a border town Asking 'bout a diamond ring They just look at you Like you've lost your mind Say they haven't seen a thing But I know she's been here lately I can still smell her perfume And she gets crazy on a full moon And I know she'll be coming back Her car's waiting right outside But I don't want to think about Who's taking her for a ride And her unpredictability Is what I love about her best Lord, I've got to find her quick Before she does something I regret [repeat CHORUS] She's out there somewhere Burning up the night Somehow I've got to run her down I'm running out of time [repeat CHORUS 2x]


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