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29 Aug '09 Hot 100


Don't forget to remember me [CHORUS] Don't forget (get get) to remember me Don't forget (get get) to remember me Please keep me in your heart If we ever have to part Don't forget (get get) to remember me Ey the king modern day MLK I'm officially the freshest don't dare forget I'm gone, momentarily don't bear me yet Like ali got I got title back prepare for dat When the world needed tip Ask where he was it But where he need something back

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Shit fade to black Talking shit behind his back You a hater for that I'm don't expect nothing less In the game with chess you think 5 moves ahead and not behind Niggas jumped up cheered when I got my time Like yeah, one whole year I got in the grind But get me losing off your mind Shorty may I remind you That there ain't another nigga who done been through what I been through Time after time again you better get some ??? in you When you said it was over for him and you thought he couldn't continue to floss Here's to your memory loss Suckkka [repeat CHORUS] They say out of sight is out of mind And 9 times out of 10 me and (out of pocket out of line)? You do it big everybody that you out shined Then your old lady fate talk about how he got fine She say she trying to get away He say about time Right now we all thinking damn hope it not mine But when its lights out for you and you locked down Ain't not telling whether or not your lady when and got down With the nigga cross town cause he hot now Ripping up your love letters, lifting up her night gown Right now somebody baby moma gettin' piped down Kids in the next room listening, ima pipe down The thought hurt don't it But maybe she strong enough for ain't get that lonely cause you wasn't gone long enough True Its just a temporarily setback Its on when I get back Please don't forget dat [repeat CHORUS] I don't mean to feel like this Don't mean to think like this My heart just has to be shown That the love that I give to you That's the love that I get from you I need to be safe and secure Don't forget don't forget to remember me Please remember me Everything I bring to this love love Please keep me in your heart If we ever have to part Don't forget (get) to remember me Don't you forget about me


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