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# Debut Chart
55 Nov '92 Hot 100
31 Nov '92 R&B


[Intro: (some `dreadhead`, won`t translate to avoid offending)] [Verse 1:] One, two, three and I come with the wicked style and you know that I`m from the wicked crew, act like you knew cos I got everybody jumpin to the voodoo Pick it, wicked rhymes, picket signs While me and the mob gotta truck full of 9`s] Play ya and I`ll slay ya I got thug-made dough by the hey-a Ready to BUCK BUCK BUCK and it`s a must to DUCK DUCK DUCK before I bust Lookin for the one that did it but like En Vogue, no you`re never gonna get it Cos I`m the one with the fat mad skills and I won`t choke like the Buffalo Bills Sittin at the pad just chillin cos Larry Parker just got two million, oh what a feelin So shake that nigga and pass me the pill and I`ll slam dunk ya like Shaquille O`Neal Like it, dig it, maybe and watch that ??? Kick it cos I get wicked

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[Chorus: (some toaster, once again won`t translate to avoid offending)] [Verse 2:] Won`t say nuttin, just listen Got me a plan to break Tyson outta prison Come my way and get served Still got a duece that`ll bunny hop the curb Nappy head, nappy chest, nappy chin Never seen with a happy grin Show the fat foul cos I`m down Take a look around and all you see is big black boots steppin Use my steel toe as a weapon Kick ya and flip ya, now they want to label this nigga, tape with the sticker Kickin out girls that`s nicety Yo, I gotta body count like Ice-T From here to New York I get skins and ain`t talkin bout pork Swine, pig, dick Listen to the flow of a so-called negro who didn`t know I was funky as Wilson Pickett Dig it cos I get wicked [Chorus] [Verse 3:] People wanna know how come I gotta gat and I`m lookin out the window like Malcolm Ready to bring that noise Kinda trigger happy like the Geto Boys April 29th was power to the people and we might just see a sequel cos police got equal pay A horse is a pig that don`t fly straight Doin Darryl Gates but is Willie Williams down with the pilgrims Just a super slave We`ll have to break his ass up like Super Dave I`m wicked enough to board this Cos now it`s on to the fullest Gorilla straight from the mist But I don`t miss when it comes to this Bring the yellow tape The white cape, cos I`m so straight Thru with the picket signs, take his job and stick it Bigot, cos I get wicked


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