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# Debut Chart
59 Aug '92 Hot 100


Magic fills the air whenever you are near I can finally see the mystery of love in your eyes Its got me hypnotized It made me believe our love was meant to be Now some things have changed You`re mentioning his name But I don`t want to hear That you`ve let someone new into heart It`s tearing me apart But darling I`ve just got to know Chorus: Where does that leave love Where does that leave us What about the promises And dreams that mean so much Where does that leave me Living without you How can I go on when you Are telling me we`re through Darling if its true Where does that leave us Where does that leave love

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Holding back the tears Holding back the fears That you would really go And leave me here to live all alone No meaning in my life Now all that is left is a dream that`s half alive I still need you so I just can`t let you go Can`t you find in me What you have found in somebody new After all that we`ve been through If I am about to lose you Chorus Where does that leave you You always said that you`d be here How could you leave me now We got so much more we can share Chorus


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