Music Service


by Das Efx
# Debut Chart
5 Apr '92 R&B
25 May '92 Hot 100


Bum stiggedy bum stiggedy bum, hon I got that old pa rum pum pum pum But I can fe-fi-fo-fum Diddly-fum, here I come So. Peter Piper I'm hyper than Pinnochio's nose Cause I'm a supercalafragilistic Tic-tac pro I gave my oopsy daisy Now you've got the crazy Crazy with the books, googily goo Where's the gravy So one two, unbuckle my, um shoe Yabba Doo, hippity hoo, crack a brew So trick or treat, smell my feet Yup, I drippity dropped a hit So books get on your mark And spark that old censorship Drats and double drats I smiggity smacked some whiz kids The boogity woogity Brooklyn boy's About to get his, dig My waist bone's connected to my hip bone My hip bone's connected to my thigh bone My thigh bone's connected to my knee bone My knee bone's connected to my Hardy har har har

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The jibbedy jabberjaw Ja-jabbing at your funny bone Skip the Ovaltine I'd rather have my Honeycomb Or preferably the sesame Let's spiggity spark the blunts, um Dun dun dun dun dun dun (CHORUS) They want EFX, some live EFX They want EFX, some live EFX They want EFX, some live EFX Snap a head for some live EFX Well, I'll be darned, shiver me timbers Yo, head for the hills I picked a weeping willow and a daffodil So back up, bucko Or I'll pulverize McGruff Cause this little piggy Gets busy and stuff Arrivederci, heavens to mercy Honkytonk, I get swift I caught a Snuffleufagus And smoked a boogaloo spliff I got the nooks, the crannys The nitty gritty fodey-doe So, all aboard, castaway Hey, where's my boogaloo Oh, I'm steaming, agony Why's everybody always picking on me They call me Puddin Tane And rap's my game You ask me again And I'll t-tell you the same Cause I'm the vulgar vegemintarian Stick em up, freeze So no Park sausages, Mom, please Hey, Blitz shoots the breeze Twiddlydee shoots his lip Crazy Drayzy shot the Sheriff Yup, and I shot the gift And that's pretty sneaky, sis, oh, yep I got my socks off, my rocks off My Nestles cup of cocoa Holly Hobby tried to slob me Tried to rob me, silly stunt Diggity dun dun dun dun dun dun (CHORUS) 2X Yahoo, hidee ho, yup I'm coming around the stretch So here, Fido, boy Fetch, boy, fetch I got the rope a dope A slippery choker, look at me get raw And I'm the hickory dickory Top of the morning boogoloo big jaw With the yippity zippity Winnie the Pooh bad boy blue Yo, crazy got the gusto What up, I swing that too So, nincompoop, I give a hoot and Stomp a troop without a strain Like Roscoe P.Coltrane I spiggity spark a spiff and Give a twist like Chubby Checker I take my Froot Loops with two scoops And make it double decker Oh, Vince The baby come to Papa Duke A babaloo, ooh A babaloo boogity boo I went from Gucci to Stussy To fliggity flam a groupie To Zsa Zsa, to yibbity yabba dabba Hoochie koochie Tally ho, I'll take my Stove Top Instead of potatoes, so Maybe I'll shoot em now (nope) Maybe I'll shoot em later (yep) I used to have a dog and Bingo was his name, oh, so uh B-i-n-g-o, oh You do the hokey pokey and You turn yourself around, hon, so, uh Dun dun dun dun dun dun (CHORUS) 2X


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