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# Debut Chart
16 Feb '92 Hot 100


I know I hurt you That's the last thing I meant to do Sometimes I can be careless and blind Can you forgive the fool that I've been? You know, I love you You're the one thing I have, that's true My life used to mean nothing to me I never want to feel that again [CHORUS] If you go away, girl You'd be taking my heart with you If you go away, girl You'd be breaking my heart in two If you only stay, girl I promise you the world So please don't ever go away

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You know, I need you I'm so sorry that I made you cry You are everything good in my life And tears have finally opened my eyes [repeat CHORUS] I was so wrong to ever look at another, baby Even the strongest man can stumble and fall I do anything for you Anything to be in your arms again Baby don't let this be the end [repeat CHORUS] Never ever leave me, girl You promised your love to me forever Say you'll never leave me, girl...


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