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Lyrics by: Mark Narmore
# Debut Chart
9 May '91 Country


He owns a big estate Just south of Savannah And a high rise hotel in down-town Atlanta Add half the state of Georgia to his name She'd be set for life in his colonial manner He laid the world at her feet on a silver platter But all I had to offer her, was the moon

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[CHORUS] And she took the moon over Georgia She'd rather have a million stars in the sky Than a gold mine She took the moon over Geogia When it came down to his world or mine She took the moon over Georgia A little country house in need of expansion It's far cry from his south Georgia mansion But we've got our own paradise. Shadows dancin' 'til down with a full moon shinin' And those occasional clouds all have a silver lining There really must be something about, that old yellow light [repeat CHORUS]


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