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38 Jan '98 Mainstream Rock


Mamama sita Donde esta Santa Cleese The vato with the boney knees He coming down the street With no shoes on his feet And he's going to No, no, that ain't it Mamama sita Donde esta Santa Claus The guy with the hair on his jaws He's, nah Hey, man, come over here, man I need some help, man Yeah, man, I can dig that Like, what are you doing, man I'm trying to write a song About Santa Claus, man But it's not coming out About who, man About Santa Claus, man You know, Santa Claus, man Oh, yeah, man I played with those dudes, man What Yeah, last year at the Fillmore, man Me and the bass player sat in, man Oh, hey, man You think Santa Claus is a group No, it's not a group, man What, they break up, man No, man, it's one guy, man You know, he had He had a red suit on, man With black patent leather shoes You know the guy, man Oh, yeah He's with Motown, ain't he No, man, he's not, aw Yeah, I played with that dude too, man He's a good singer, man No, no, hold on, man He's not with Motown, man Well, then he's with Buddha, man No, aw, man, you don't Know who Santa Claus is, man Yeah, well, I'm not from here, man Like, I'm from Pittsburgh, man I don't know too many local dudes Oh, I see, well, hey, man Sit back and relax and I'll Tell you the story about Santa Claus, man Listen, once upon a time About, mmm, five years ago There was this groovy dude And his name was Santa Claus, you know And he used to live over In the projects with his old lady And they had a pretty good thing together Because his old lady was really fine And she could cook and all that Stuff like that, you know Like, she made the Best brownies in town, man Oh, I could remember 'em now, man I could eat one of 'em, man Wow, did you know these people, man Oh, yeah, man They used to live next door to me, you know Until they got kicked out, man What, they got kicked out of the projects, man Yeah, you know what happened, man They used to live with all these midgets You know, and the midgets used to Make a lot noise, you know Like pounding and hammering And pounding all night, man Typical freaks, huh Oh, yeah, man They were really freaks, man As a matter of fact They all moved up North together, you know Oh, they have to go Get their head together, man Yeah, get their head together And they started a commune, you know It was called the, uh Santa Claus and his Old Lady Commune It was a real famous one up there, man And they used to sit around And groove all the time, you know Oh, yeah A really good time there, man That sounds heavy, man Yeah, they eat the brownies, man They drink the tea, man And what they did most of the time though Was make a lotta goodies, you know And they had everything they needed They only needed to come into town Maybe once year or something like that To pick up the welfare check And the food stamps Yeah, man, no, no, what they did, man Is once a year when they Made all the goodies, you know They used to put 'em in a big shopping bag And then they used to take the shopping bag And deliver 'em to all the boys and girls All the way around the world, man Hey, well, that's hip, man That sounds real nice, man Oh, yeah, they were really nice people, man And so much class, man They had so much class, you know Like, even take the way They used to deliver the toys, you know It's like Santa Claus used to have this Really sharp chort, man, you know It was lowered to the ground Had twice-pipes, candy apple red And button top, ooh, clean Hey, that sounds like a hip snowmobile, man No, no, it wasn't a snowmobile It was a sled, you know One of those big sleds, you know And he used to have it Pulled by some reindeers You know, like, reindeers Some what, man Some reindeers, you know He used to hook them onto the sled And then he used to Stand up inside the sled And hold on to the reins And then call out their names Like, on, Donner, on, Blitzen On, Chewy, on, Tavo, come on, Beto And the reindeers used to Take off into the sky and Fly across the sky, man Wow, man, that's far out, man Yeah, and then when they flied across the sky They used to come down to places like Oh, Chicago, L.A., Nueva York and Pacoima And all those places, you know And then land on top of people's roofs And then old Santa Claus would Make himself real small, you know Like, a real small guy, and he'd come Down the chimney and then he would Give you all the stuff that he made, man And dig this, man He did it all in one night, man

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Hey, just a minute, man Now, how'd he do that, man Oh, well, man, he took the freeway How else, man No, man, no, man How'd he do all that other stuff, man Like, how'd he make himself small, man And how'd he, like, how'd he get The reindeer off the ground, man Oh, well, man He had some magic dust, man Some magic dust Yeah, magic dust, you know He used to give a little bit to the reindeer A little bit to Santa Claus A little bit more for Santa Claus A little bit more for Santa Claus And this would get the reindeer off, man Aw, got 'em off, man Are you kidding, man They flew all the way Around the world, man Hey, that's far out, man Hey, I come I've never met this dude, man Oh, man, he doesn't do that bit anymore, man It got too dangerous, man Yeah, I can dig that, man 'Cause that's a dangerous bit, man Yeah, lemme tell you, it sure was, man Like just two years ago, man He got stopped at the border, you know And they took him into another room And took off his clothes, man And searched him and searched His bag of goodies, man And then when he was leaving, man He was flying through the air Somebody took a shot and his reindeer, you know Aw, that's a drag, man Yeah, it really was, man And then, man, he went down South, man And they tried to cut off His hair and his beard, man And all the time, he was getting stopped And pulled over and asked for his ID, man Just everywhere he went He ran into too much recession, man No, man, you mean he ran into Too much repression, man Aw, repression, recession, man It's all the same thing, man Yeah, man, but it's a drag, man 'Cause we could sure use A dude like that right now Oh, he still comes around, man Oh, yeah Yeah, but he comes in disguises now Aw, he went underground, man Yeah, underground, man I can dig it Yeah, but you ought to see his disguise Nobody would ever know it was him, man Oh, yeah Yeah, he's got a job In front of the department store Ringing this bell and playing This tambourine next to This black pot, you know Aw, I've seen the dude, man Yeah, you know who I'm talking about, man Yeah, man, I played with That cat last year, man What Yeah, we played in front of a store, man We made a lot of bread, man Aw, hey, wait a minute, man Santa Claus is not a musician, man I'm hip, man That cat didn't know any tunes, man Oh, hey, wait a minute, man No, he's not hip to that at all, man No, but I played with this dude, man Are you sure, man I'm positive, man


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