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# Debut Chart
5 Nov '91 R&B
61 Nov '91 Hot 100


When The Nite Falls Surround Us gently with a sexy atmosphere well light some candles play some music - oo I just want to feel that intimacy nobody but you and i just loving and Kissing so passionately Sharing our feelings/just caress my body oo Baby Let me whisper in your car

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CHORUS I Want your love, I'll have your love I Want your love -i want your love (repeat) Turn the lites down low and baby come close I Wannagive it 2 you like You've never had it before Unplug the phone - dont disturb this groove I Just want to concentrate on you Noboy but you and i just loving and kissing so passionately, sharing our feelings Just carees my body oo Baby let me whisper in your ear (REPEAT CHORUS)


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