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Lyrics by: Prince
# Debut Chart
3 Nov '91 R&B
77 Dec '91 Hot 100


Ooh, oooh, my, my, yeah U ooh... Turn the lights off, strike a candle No one that I`ve ever, knows how 2 handle My body, the way U truly do Insatiable`s my name when it comes 2 U

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I got a jones, Martha Oh yeah, it be like this I can`t have a hug unless I have a kiss, ooh (I can`t have a hug unless...) My body, baby, U truly do Insatiable`s my name when it comes 2 U Like a wildcat, Martha, in a celibate rage I want U alone in my dirty little cage Can U understand, Martha? Ooh, my body baby, U truly do Insatiable`s my name when it comes 2 U 2night we video No one will ever know We`ll erase the naughty bits I`ll show my... if U show your... I can`t help it, Martha (She`s insatiable) (Insatiable) {repeated} I can`t help what U do 2 me (Ooh) U are my every fantasy CHORUS: There`s no tellin` how far I`d go Cuz when it comes 2 U, I know I`m insatiable and I just can`t stop Even if I wasn`t thirsty, I would drink every drop Please baby, don`t say no Cuz I`ll surely go - crazy Okay, so all U do is push the little red button And I belong 2 U in your little video box Nah, don`t look at the clock, yeah It`s 2:45, we got all night First, U gotta tell me what U want me 2 do (My body, baby, U truly do) Come on (Insatiable`s my name when it comes 2 U) CHORUS (This is true) So take it slow, baby and let`s unwind Do U really want all my clothes off? (Yes) What are U gonna do 2 prove it? (Ooh) Aren`t U afraid we`re gonna be found out? (No) Well, let`s get on with the show Ooh, turn the lights down lower Doesn`t my body look good in the shadows? Ooh, baby knows what 2 do Have U done this before? (I don`t know) U say U want my hips up in the air (Yeah) Oh no, I don`t care Ooh, my body baby, U truly do I know I could be nasty with U Oh yeah! Up and down Just like a seesaw (Back and forth) Back and forth (Listen) Oh girl, I`m falling I love U baby I love U baby U are mine U`re nastier than I thought It`s just 2:49


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