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92 May '09 Hot 100


[CHORUS (T-pain)] Realest shit I ever wrote, Chillin' in my Maybach Whatever I send out homie I'ma make back Ay, Can you believe it (woah) you gotta see it. And I don't plan on goin' pro Put that on my Maybach I'm in it to win now niggas can't take that Listen to my Maybach Music, To my Maybach Music [Kanye West] Martin' Luie the King Junior Startin' all that stuntin' is gon' ruin yuh B I was a lie, he probly had a 2 tone With the gray pup'on, anything Ye' poop on Will explode, cuz I am the shit and This is my commode, uh oh there they go Talking 'bout how yuh boy clothes extra tight I just remembered that my lime light extra bright I hit the strip club and girls get extra hype You hit the strip cub and girls turn extra dike We know who not getting no sex tonight And a lap dance will probly be a blessin' right? So all that shit you talking dead, coffin, Like the weed coughin', new crib Loftin' Where it's at, Austin', where is that Texas, What's in front Benzes, what else Lexus, Well who's Maybach is this, Mr. West's [repeat CHORUS] [Rick Ross] Boss Kush burn like petroleum, crib meek custodians Shades or no shades, bees made of rhodium Used to be the O-Smoke hoes call it O-Lo Now I got so many horses bitches call me Polo Fifty seven, sixty two tell me how you wanna move Ya you know I got them both beat yuh ass black and blue I was barely getting pretty women, now I scoop Emmy winners like kitty litter Any winner fended in 'em like a slender nigga Lookin' in the mirror I can see the real contender Celery for even Gregory I'm on my dinner So what the fuck was you tellin' me other than your gender I'm the boss and I'm ridin' 'em like a small four Niggas make yuh wheels and ride till they fall of Yea, ROSS

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[repeat CHORUS] [Weezy] Well alright, haha All Black, Maybach I'm sittin' in the asshole Classy as a Mutha, still gutta like a bad blow Benjamin' Franklin', on Ex how dat cash roll Dats right them Billz, due like damn clothes I eat'cha meal to, we don't feel you And we be strappin' up, Like the Navy SEALS do Sweet as a banana split every time I peel through Fresher than Will Smith and Uncle Phil too Watchin T.V. in the Maybach in traffic I'm on my feet like Tough Actin' Tinactin' I'm runnin' this ish, you should try tacklin' Lil Wayne in one word, Immaculate You see the Biggie, See the Jada, 2 Pac, and him The Curt Cobain, and Andre 3 stacks, And then I'm back to doin' shit Like I do sing Maybach Musik [repeat CHORUS]


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