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# Debut Chart
51 Aug '91 Hot 100


Yow! ooo, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, So you think that you got it made, ooo you're somethin'. Walk around like you got it all, When you ain't got nothin'. Hide your heart Like a precious stone, And nobody will touch you, You will find it all on your own, Don't need no one to run to. (You) Don't know what loving brings (You)'Cause you don't know what it means. [CHORUS] 'Til somebody loves you, ooo, the stars don't shine, Your life, is a waste of time, 'Til somebody needs you, 'Til you need someone. There's no moon up above 'Til somebody loves you. So you got all the things in life, All that money buys you, But they can't hold you close at night, Can't satisfy you. When your hearts crying out for love, And you're gonna listen, Only the thing that you really need, Is the only thing you're missin'.

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(You)Better let someone inside, (You)'Cause you just ain't alive. [repeat CHORUS] Don't ya think it's time for a change, Of heart? (Let somebody love you) You'll never know true love, 'Til you start to let somebody love.... Let somebody love you. Let somebody, Let somebody, Let somebody love you. [repeat CHORUS] 'Til somebody loves you Let somebody, Let somebody,(Somebody needs you)love you 'Til you need someone, There's no moon up above (Somebody loves you) Somebody, Somebody, Somebody, (Somebody needs you) Somebody, Somebody, Somebody, Let somebody, Let somebody, Let somebody love you... [FADE]


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