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Lyrics by: Rick Astley, Rob Fisher
# Debut Chart
29 Jun '91 Adult Contemp
81 Jun '91 Hot 100


She comes home In the morning light Tries to hide the Secret of last night Tells a tale Of working late Says the things She knows I hate Why should I convince myself That she loves me And no one else Feels like time To break the chains I won't be fooled again

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(CHORUS) Gonna take my time Gonna take what's mine I'm gonna move right out Gonna take my time Gonna keep my pride Gonna move right out When we kiss, there's no flame But I believe I'm not to blame When we touch, it's by mistake Tenderness she just can't fake Who does she think I am To let her love another man I won't take another day I just refuse to stay (CHORUS) 2X Oh, I love her I really care The day's so long When she's not there But I believe It just ain't right To see her with Someone else tonight Hear me now (CHORUS) 2X


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