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Lyrics by: Gloria Estefan
# Debut Chart
53 Apr '91 Hot 100
44 May '91 Adult Contemp


They say it`s never too late and though that might be the case sometimes The sad truth of it is opportunity won`t knock twice You can put off until tomorrow but tomorrow might never come Gotta think about the future `cause today soon will be long gone Where will you be a few years down the line, Will it be everything you`ve dreamed of It`s always harder to do what is right Sometimes one bad decision can mess up your life

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Chorus ------ We seal our fate with the choices we make But don`t give a second thought to the chances we take Could come up anytime better be wide awake `cause we Seal our fate with the choices we make Seal our fate, seal our fate,seal our fate, seal our fate with the choices we make Surely, you say, it`s not as bad as you make it sound If we make a mistake you can always turn it back around Get back on the straight and narrow when I`m through having all my fun, After all it`s my decision, I`m not really hurting anyone Before you know it`s gotten way out of hand In ways that you had never dreamed of Never worth the price you pay in the end Instead of being ahead you`re starting over again


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