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# Debut Chart
28 Nov '90 Hot 100
5 Nov '90 Mainstream Rock


Ain't no doubt about it, you're a masterpiece you're amazing Adrift at sea 'til I saw your face it's amazing Anybody's guess now it's guaranteed, sent to seventh heaven in my hour Of need Baby, baby, baby you're amazing taken by surprise Don't waste time Babe tryin' to explain it Can't believe my eyes.

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You changed my nights from black to blue it's amazing, ever since I fell In love with you, you're amazing So far out of sight that it's like a Dream beyond all imagining but I believe Baby, baby baby we ain't faking Were in paradise Baby doll, I'm not exaggerating Thought that I could see But I was blind Now I realize I was marking time. I used to be weak but you made me strong so amazing It's gotta be right 'cos it sure ain't wrong Baby you're the difference between day and night I was in the dark 'til I saw the light dynamite! Baby, you know how to drive me crazy make me realize Why waste time babe tryin' to explain it this is paradise Baby, baby, baby you're amazing.


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