Music Service


by Gerardo
1991 - Pop
Lyrics by:
# Debut Chart
16 May '91 Hot 100


Excuse me, where have I seen you? They tend to ask me A humble answer I give them As we start to get closer But then even more so They all persist on rubbing my torso I'm Latin' but I ain't wrapping in satin' No, that old disco look just ain't happening I'm fresh and new and making my debut So let me run this information by you It's true we outdo, it has become an issue Love 'em and leave 'em fast we won't miss you It's tradition were well conditioned We outlast the competition, so listen We don't care too much about kissing No, we know just what you've been missing Were straight out and blunt We don't put up with stunts Baby, you know what we want

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[CHORUS] We want the funk Give up the funk We need the funk Gotta have that funk Don't play shy, don't expect long good-byes These are some of the rules that we go by No demands and forget holding hands Please, not around our friends We intend to hold on to our image Don't try to cross that line of scrimmage Don't say you weren't aware, so have yourself prepared And beware, this is a one-time love affair See, that's as far as it goes, it's our motto And you thought you won the lotto Waiting to claim your prize you go unrecognized Huh! Hows that for a surprise? So save yourself from confusion and sorrow Don't even think about tomorrow Tonights the night, enjoy! Were here to make some noise Let me hear that high pitch in your voice [repeat CHORUS] Smoother than James Bond you wake and we're gone So you wonder what you did wrong Huh! Don't be blaming yourself, it's a must that we vanish Here's the scroop straight to you, but in Spanish... Oye nena, rubia o morena, mi excusa est en mis venas Soy un simple mujeriego no lo niego ni miento Soy latino cien por ciento As que piensa lo bien si no es conmigo con quien es? Responde de una vez No te me hagas la importante la dificil o'atorrante Al cabo tengo mas amantes No te prometo nada saldrs por donde entrastes Yo no pienso molestarte As que no me busques, me sigas, me asustes Busca otro que te la ajuste Now there it is, laid out plain and simple In Spanish but on tempo Can't comprehend at all, confused or in a hole? What's the matter? No habla espaol? If that's the case then no need to worry Bust out the dictionary You want some inside info Wanna know what you're in for Look up right under nympho [repeat CHORUS]


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