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1991 - Pop
# Debut Chart
8 Jul '91 Hot 100
1 Jul '91 Adult Contemp


Wish on a rainbow Is all I can do Dream of the good times That we never knew No late nights in Alone in your arms I'll dream on Living in wonder Thinking of you Still looking for ways To uncover the truth You're so young Is all they can say They don't know If I could change The way of the world I'd be your girl [CHORUS] Too many walls have Been built in between us Too many dreams have Been shattered around us If I seem to give up They'll still never win Deep in my heart I know the strength is within Watching the others Chances drift by They'll never discover These feelings I hide

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Deep inside, I'm falling apart All alone with a broken heart Thinking in silence Is all they allow These words still unspoken May never be found All these dreams One day, will be mine They cross my mind My time has yet to come Until then [repeat CHORUS] Ooh, yeah [repeat CHORUS 2x]


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