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# Debut Chart
22 Oct '91 R&B
20 Oct '91 Hot 100


Yo, baby, you know what's up Girl, you can call me up And you and I can talk For hours and hours at a time This is an invitation To a conversation So when things get bad You know I'll be there To soothe your mind Just call me up on the telephone When you're all alone And I'll give you a verbal massage Until your man gets home Or if you want to You know what you could do Well, you could always Hop in your car and you could Come and ring my bell (CHORUS) Ring my bell Ring my bell, my bell Ring my bell (ring it, ring it) Ring my bell, ring my bell My bell, ring-a-ling-a-ling Girl, the way he treats you It's a crying shame Like you're a toy and like Your life is some silly game How long you gonna live In a situation like this Cause you're a princess, baby And you deserve a prince

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Why can't you see it It's plain as day Right here before your eyes I'm telling the truth while Your man insists on telling you lies He stays out all night But I'd be home by eight And what about loving, heh It's great I don't mean to salt your man up But I'm trying to plan The rest of our lives Together forever and ever But first you've got to stand up Pick yourself up on your own two Cause, girl, don't nobody own you You don't feel well and I can tell But I'll be here, so ring my bell (CHORUS) You can ring my bell You can ring my bell Ding dong ding Hey, hey, ring it You, you can ring my bell Anytime, anyplace Ring it, ring it, Ring it, ring it, ooh Open up your mind And you can see that I'm Just trying to make you happy Like I said a thousand times If you didn't love me You wouldn't be Calling me up every night So wipe your tears Cause you and your man Just had another fight Who loves you, baby I do, you know He doesn't care about you Let him go Where's he at now You don't know Laying up under some Hold up, wait Just let me chill No need for me to get ill Cause every time your Heart gets knocked over You know I'll wipe the spill I know this sounds like a fairy tale But this ain't no children's book I'm here for you to take me, dear Just open your eyes And look at what The future holds for you And if you lunch then you Might ruin something great Don't make a big mistake Pay attention to what you're doing Life is full of pitfalls, ups and downs It's sort of a mission Now you're on a rocky road But you can get off Just make that decision That you want someone To love you, adore you And hold you and treat you well So when you're ready To be treated that way Baby, you can ring my bell You can ring my bell Ring my bell, my bell Ring my bell You can ring my bell Ring my bell, my bell Ring-a-ling-a-ling You can ring my bell Ring my bell, my bell You can ring my bell Ring my bell, my bell.....


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