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# Debut Chart
4 Apr '91 R&B
10 Apr '91 Hot 100


Yeah, boy, another ABC card Coming from the playground Take it straight back to the bricks Yo, Chris, tell em what it is Chilling cooler then a squeak Kicking dirt on my sneakers Suckers on the corner Looking down at their beepers They couldn't get a Job or a nice home So they wanna stay and Wait for the pay-phone Take JoJo He's the youngest Girls jock him cause He's reverse dressed Strolling through The neighborhood Sweating their brother Trying to see why He's doing good Rolling through the park Trying to make another hit Little do they know That soldier's legit I'm not saying this To put nobody down This is what I see At the playground, you know Aww yeah Another ABC smash Gonna make you mad Come on, come on everybody And guess who's up next Kick it L-I-L D-A-V-E Four feet, shorty of the crew Just let me get on the mic And show you what I can do When I'm all alone Cold rockin on the microphone At home, playing under the phone Large is how I'm living, homes Kick it, D Kick it, D, kick it Pump it, D Pump it, D, pump it Swing it, D Swing it, D, swing it I swing my beats At the playground, you know Come on y'all Good assualt is in effect Put your hands in the air Put your hands in the air I don't wanna see nobody Sitting in their chair True dat, true dat Yo, Ro, you are next Well, I'm RoRo Coming in third Now it's about that time That I get heard And none of my rhymes Will never ever be swerved Word to her Play tricks on your nerves Everywhere I serve Is real superb And I'll be right back With part two of This funky rhyme, G Ha ha, yeah, boy Yo, Red, I don't Wanna flow no more, man Y'all go ahead I'm just gonna sit back And listen to this ghetto swing Cause this is what I do At the playground You know what I'm saying Aww, yeah ABC's gonna sing Added to this missile Fusion hip hop with A little ghetto swing Yo, Red Lick the ballistics, G It's the R to the E To the D and what you get Is what you're seeing Straight up B boy word to miss Kicking and flipping the rhymes For the kids, man, for the kids

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Chilling in the park Nice and smooth JoJo Mark tried To bust my groove And do my works This is where I'm at Ah, I hate that Iesha had a big fanny Not like Annie Gave up the puddin for A letter and some candy At the playground, you know Ok, I guess you know by now Big smash moves Pants inside out A fresh dollar cap With your name on the front Yo, Mark, take it home Into the mizzark Chilling in the pizzark I gotta break cause my mother Said be home by dizzark But before I go I'm gonna flow for You one time see So listen to the rhyme, G The East Coast Family Boyz To Men, ABC, BBD Now flip the tracks, D My mother is mad And my brother is Red It's Mario Brothers Or it's time for bed Last but not least I wanna say peace And we outta here From the playground, you know


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