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# Debut Chart
11 Feb '91 Mainstream Rock
10 Feb '91 Modern Rock
35 Mar '91 Hot 100


Good enough's not good enough Don't complain that you've got it tough With all you have your life's a bore Can't relax you want so much more Blind needs won't set you free Can't you see that time is slipping away But I got to say How much is enough? When your soul is empty How much is enough? In the land of plenty When you have all you want And you still feel nothing at all How much is enough, is enough?

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Gravity may bring you down But harmony could spin' you 'round Information ariel Says buy buy buy material Give take all day long Can't you see it's hopeless being strong When you're living wrong So give me your attention I know it's getting late While we were dreaming Something slipped away Were drowning in possessions Playing tricks with our minds Lost from one another Baby put your hand in mine Time is slipping away But it's not too late [CHORUS]


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