Music Service


by Jodeci
1991 - R&B
# Debut Chart
25 Oct '91 Hot 100


So you're having my baby And it means so much to me There's nothing more precious Than to raise a family If there's any doubt in your mind You can count on me I'll never let you down Lady, believe in me

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[VERSE] You and I Will never fall apart You and I We knew right from the start baby, baby For days We fell so far in love Now our baby is born Healthy and strong Now our dreams are reality [CHORUS] Forever my lady It's like a dream I'm holding you close You're keeping me warm If this is ecstasy Forever my lady Forever my lady I say just what I mean Forever and ever I pray is what I see Yes, my baby Can you picture my lady This empty scene There's no me or no you What will we do An awful sight to me If I ever lose you Tell me where would I go Life would have no meaning And I pray that you Would always stay with me [repeat VERSE] [repeat CHORUS] [repeat VERSE]


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