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by Plies feat Ashanti
Lyrics by: Plies, Jonathan Rotem
# Debut Chart
21 Jan '09 R&B
96 Mar '09 Hot 100


I neva knew you felt like dat baby, pleasures all mine [CHORUS Ashanti] Oh boy I think of you on two occasions that's wen I want it (that's wen I want it) that's wen I need It (that's wen I need it) you know I think of you On 2 occasions that's wen I want it (that's wen I Want it) that's wen I need it (that's wen I need it) Heyyyy I think it so cute how you use me wen you want sex I'm who you come n' see I'm tha one you Call wen ya Body on e you need a refill I who you cum see they Give you 87 I give you 93 Premium top of the line Straight deep say it again in my ear (Plies you a Beast) how Could one dis gutta be so sweet wateva You need it's my treat all I want from you Is to Let me go deep I'm on call fo you seven days a Week sex on delivery s.o.d. [repeat CHORUS Ashanti] Wen she think 'bout me she get so wet weneva she Want she send me a text do I want it tonight baby Yes between her legs she so blessed she the best Thing in The bed dat I met you need a good jug be My guest wateva you want I'm at yo request 'Til I Get to ya I can't rest all I can think about is Feelin' yo sweat playin' in your hair feelin' your Flesh watchin you as you get undressed I'm yo goon You my goonette [repeat CHORUS Ashanti] I'm sleepin' I feel yo hand inside my boxers baby It's 5 in tha mornin' you rubbin' on Oscar know if You wake him up it's gon' be problems I know you Playin' with wat ya want so I ain't gon' stop ya jus Let me open my eyes so I can watch it you want a Dose of ya medicine you wanna see tha doctor gon' Take 'em off so I can gon' Lock ya I call you momma You call me poppa tonight I wanna make you tonight My baby Mama scent like water me no aroma come a Lil closer so I can put it on ya You my property I'm yo owner

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[repeat CHORUS Ashanti]


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