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Lyrics by: No I.D., Jermaine Dupri
# Debut Chart
30 Feb '09 R&B
55 Mar '09 Hot 100


Uh Uh Uh, Got me like. [CHORUS] Wooo-hooo And when I think about you That's the first thing that come to my mind. I'm like Wooo-hooo Baby you can get it all, You can get it all You can get it Wooo-hooo When I think about you That's the first thing that come to my mind. I'm like Wooo-hoo Shawtie you can get it all You can get it all You can get it

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I know you heard my reputation You don't think I would ever do right by you You think that if you and I was in a relationship I would never be true (be true) You think that everything I say is straight game And to me your just another new name But what I'm tryn'a tell you for every man There's a woman that'll make him change And I believe you the one that'll make me But ev'rytime I try to show you you shake me I know I make it real hard for you to take me serious But baby girl I am (I am) And I ain't stoppin' right here, ima keep going And I'ma make sure everyday that you keep knowing Whether if I have to send you flowers Or talk to you on the cell-phone for few hours I'm yellin' like... [repeat CHORUS] (One, one, one, one) One minute you act like you like me And then the next you don't You still sending me crazy emails Like I know it's just sex you want I can't lie the sex is truly incredible And every part of your body is so edible I get tears from just thinking 'bout it But that ain't the reason why I'm stuck and can't let you go We got a serious serious bond And when we kick it we have nothin' but fun I feel a whole lot of L-O-V-E between you and me Even though we still young Just your company ain't gotta get none Talk the same lingo, understand where I'm coming from And if anybody ask me a question about you I'ma tell 'em you the one You got me like [repeat CHORUS] Johnta: As long as you know that I can have any girl I want to Baby that sexual infectual But still I choose you to be With me and we're gonna So you better not break it up You got me like [repeat CHORUS]


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