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1990 - R&B
# Debut Chart
5 Jan '90 R&B


Rap: The boys We're just chillin' with Earth, Wind & Fire This is my desire Talking 'bout culture I'm a vulture Just like the beat Chillin' with Earth, Wind & Fire Everybody take a look around What do you see When I look There's faces everywhere Lookin' back at me Their eyes keep telling me stories Don't understand In my mind There's many, many questions 'Bout who I am [BRIDGE] Just be proud of the land Where your blood comes from No one can take away What you have done Hold your head up high Cultures stand eye to eye One people living under one sun [CHORUS] Be proud Sing it out loud Take your rightful place It's you heritage So stand tall Don't be small Show true face It's your heritage Everybody walks a little different To keep the pace Gotta have pride Just to be a winner In the human race In school, the rules don't fly Out on the street, tell me why People of the nation can't feel the same beat [BRIDGE] [repeat CHORUS] [BRIDGE]

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We're living in a colorful world All shades of love Each carrying a ray of hope Sent down from above Rap: Yo Marice: break it down for me alright The Boys chillin' wit Earth, Wind and Flames They asked us to sing a few notes So we came Realized the meaning of the song So we sung With all our heart and soul And hopefully we brung A message to all To not be small To stand up tall And to give it your all Let's have a ball y'all Pump it up! [repeat CHORUS]


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