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Lyrics by: Bob McDill
# Debut Chart
1 Mar '91 Country


Every morning I watch you walk into the office In your business suit and matching shoes With your hair put up neatly you tug at your glasses And you you sit down, just three desks down And I watch you in the fluorescent glare And my mind drifts away somewhere

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Chorus And I see you in a different light With your hair falling down, with love in your eyes In my mind, you're a beautiful sight I see you in a different light Just the way I saw you last night Well there's girls at the office the guys always notice When they walk by, but you're not the type They don't know what I know, how some things just don't show Through tailored tweats, and that's fine with me Let them all think what they want to As for me when I look at you Chorus (I see you....) Chorus (Baby it's you....) Chorus (It's you.... (fade))


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