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Lyrics by: Rodney Crowell
# Debut Chart
6 Mar '90 Country


If today were just like any day, perhaps I'd try To shed this worn out skin - so thick - and learn to fly. But I came home to face your ice and steel. If looks could kill, I would be gone today.

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There's a fire that's burning in your eyes, not in your heart. And I can fan the fames, but I can't make a spark. And I don't like the way I make you feel. If looks could kill - I would be long since gone. And if looks could kill, then I'd be pushing up your daisies... If looks could kill, then I would not be going crazy... There's a stool that I've been glued to for so many nights. And a bar to pour my heart out on and make it right. And I don't have to tell myself it's real. If looks could kill - my heart would beat no more. (Musical Bridge) And if looks could kill - then I'd be deep in peaceful slumber... If looks could kill - then I would not be going under... There's a gun out in our hallway covered up in rust. That works well enough to turn this heartache into dust. So, go on and let your lawyer make a deal! If looks could kill... If looks could kill... I would be long since gone.


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