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Lyrics by: Robert Johnson
# Debut Chart
7 Oct '90 Mainstream Rock


Hey That`s right Asked sweet mama Let me be your kid She said, you might get hurt If`n you don`t keep it hid Well, uh-huh, I know my baby If I see her in the dark I said, I know my rider If I see her in the dark Now, I`m going to Rosedale Take my rider by my side Still barrelhouse cause It`s on the riverside, yeah I know my baby, lord, I said Beware, there`s something wrong I know my mama, lord Brownskin but she ain`t no plum, aha See my baby, tell her Tell her, hurry home Had no loving since my Baby geen bone (sic) yeah See my baby, tell her Hurry on home I ain`t had, no, my right mind Since my rider`s been gone

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Hey, promises she`s my rider I wanna tell you, she`s my rider Blow your mind, she`s my rider She ain`t but sixteen But she`s my rider I`m going to Rosedale Take my rider by my side Anybody argue with me Man, I`ll keep them satisfied Well, I see my baby, tell her Tell her the shape I`m in Ain`t had no loving, lord Since you know when Aww, yeah My, my, my, my Ah, why don`t you Come in my kitchen My kindhearted baby You studies evil all the time She`s a kindhearted woman Studies evil all the time Squeeze my lemon til the Juice runs down my leg Squeeze it so hard I`ll fall right outta bed Will you squeeze my lemon Til the juice runs down my leg I wonder if you know What I`m talking about Ah, well, the way That you squeeze it, girl I swear, I`m gonna Fall right outta bed Aw, she`s a good rider, hey, yeah She`s my kindhearted baby I wanna take my rider by my side, yeah I said, her front teeth Are lined with gold She got a mortgage on my body Got a lien on my soul She`s my brown skinned sugarplum


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