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Lyrics by: Brian Howe, Terry Thomas
# Debut Chart
3 Aug '90 Mainstream Rock


Bobby's going out tonight Looking for trouble Everybody likes to fight sometimes Heading south on forty-one Straight for the action Meeting the boys at the county line He kicks it into overdrive Really puts that pedal down Feels so good to be alive He's had enough of Being pushed around Bobby and the boys walk in The heads start turning They don't like no strangers In this place, no, no Everybody's acting tough And words get spoken And someone pulls a knife In Bobby's face, no He turns away but it's too late He's gotta face them on his own Left him there to meet his fate Bobby's never going home [CHORUS] Boys cry tough Yeah, boys fight dirty Life gets rough when You're living on a fine line Yeah, yeah, yeah Mary's waiting home tonight She's dreaming of church bells And Bobby says the day is getting near And Mary hears the doorbell ring The blue lights are flashing At two a.m. her dreams all disappear Mary's world is turning upside down She's been left here on her own Her world is spinning round and round Bobby's never coming home, no

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[repeat CHORUS] He said that soon Their lives would be as one Looks like you're Gonna be the lonely one Yeah, yeah, yeah And maybe in a year or two She'll find someone of her own Mary, don't you wait around Bobby's never coming home, no [repeat CHORUS] Say boys cry tough Boys fight dirty Life gets rough when You're living on a fine line


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