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by Vixen
# Debut Chart
11 Jul '90 Mainstream Rock
44 Aug '90 Hot 100


You`re in the corner, turning your back, you`re runnin` away again The more I give you, the less that you take, tell me, where is it gonna end? Whoah-oh - I can see you`ve felt some pain Whoah-oh - I know you`ve been hurt before Whoah-oh - But I swear you won`t get hurt no more - tell me Chorus: How much love is it gonna take, to prove I`m not another heartache Till you begin to let your heart give in, how much love is it gonna take

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I`m reachin` for you, gettin` so close, but you`re always a step away I wanna touch you `n give my love, what is it gonna take Whoah-oh - I can see it in your eyes Whoah-oh - that you want to let me in Whoah-oh - But you`re scared that you`ll get hurt again - tell me chorus I`ve been searchin` for an answer, oooh tell me what it`s gonna be (Solo) chorus repeats out...


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