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Lyrics by: Pat DiNizio
# Debut Chart
18 Jan '90 Modern Rock
7 Feb '90 Mainstream Rock
94 May '90 Hot 100


You know I really wanna see you when you know I might not (And you make me want you more when you hurt me a lot) I say I really love you and you say that you don`t (And it really turns me on when you say that you won`t)

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CHORUS The blues before and after I get the blues before and after I`m with you The blues before and after I get the blues before and after loving you Sometimes I need to hear you voice Sometimes I don`t want to know (I get so tired of tryin` to win you I just don`t want to know) Yo`re takin` just what you need And then you`re well on your way (I hear the same old story almost every day) CHORUS It`s a shame that you won`t see me when I need you tonight Cause I know that if you did then everything would be right And I`ve tried my very best to give the things that you need But the blues they seem to follow me I never succeed I wanna take you in my arms and you just don`t wanna know (When I finally get to touch you, feels like forty below) Just as always you have gotten your way Just a normal complication in a typical day CHORUS


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