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Lyrics by: Bonnie Hayes
# Debut Chart
3 Feb '90 Adult Contemp
49 Mar '90 Hot 100


Hey, shut up, don't lie to me You think I'm blind But I've got eyes to see Hey, mister How do you do Oh, pardon me I thought I knew you Would you stand back, baby Cause I want to get a better look The big man who couldn't handle The little bit of love you took [CHORUS] Hey, hey, have a heart Hey, have a heart If you don't love me Why don't you let me go Have a heart, please Oh, don't you have a heart Little by little, you fade While I fall apart

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Oh, darling, I love you so I told you yes and Then you told me no Baby, how can you say You should be free And I should pay and pay And you talk and talk About you and what you need But sooner or later, your love Is gonna make me bleed [repeat CHORUS] Oh, oh Talk on, talk on But love is what you need And sooner or later, that love Is gonna make you bleed [repeat CHORUS] But don't you run away, baby Hey, hey, have a heart Hey, hey, have a heart Please


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