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# Debut Chart
14 Jun '90 Hot 100
1 Jun '90 R&B


Ooh baby, give it to me now, girl Can`t nobody give it out For me and you, yeah girl I wanna pull down the shades and the lights And do what I wanna do to hear it girl You can tell me now baby I can`t keep trying to play nice together Oh girl before the night is over I bet, I bet I can make you sweat [[CHORUS]] You say no, I say yes Girl I bet, I can make you sweat You say no, I say yes Girl I bet, I can make you sweat

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I want it right now... If you let me kiss you here and now I`ll do anything you want me to I wanna drive you wild, baby Let me tell you, let me drive you wild, babe [[CHORUS]] All alone tonight just me and you I wanna do you right And baby that`s what I wanna do Just put your arms in the air And I`ll kiss you everywhere [[CHORUS WITH AD LIBS]] Come on baby You`re doing something to me baby You`re doing something right to me baby Do you find that you`re crazy about me? Yes...yes...yes...yes...yes... Make you sweat all night long, girl Just you and me, come on Just right now baby, do it now Come on, come on baby, do it now Right now, but it`s you, you, you all night long Baby there`s nobody here but me and you girl I wanna do it girl I wanna do it, do it, do it, do it with you girl Nobody else, nobody but you (You say no) Don`t tell me now (Girl I bet) You better tell me now, now baby (You say no) Ooh girl, I want it girl, yes (Girl I bet) Ooh girl, I want it right now girl [[AD LIBS]]


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