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# Debut Chart
32 Aug '90 Hot 100


Oh!... I got these friends They walk around so considered Bragging to the end, like a car and clothes is all that's needed What about the simple part Give out of the heart? Without love, it's never gonna be enough I got the toys, I got the car, I got the friends, but Hanging with the boys Is not the kind of time I want to spend, but I know there's something more Something I've been waiting for I knew it was true The moment I saw you

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[CHORUS] In my heart, in my head, in my life, in my bed All I'm missing is you Every day, every night of my life would be right All I'm missing is you Oh girl, all I'm missing is you yeah Doing all I can But every since I met you baby I'm a travelin' man If only else real love can save me I'm reaching out to you Baby what else can I do But it's gonna be right To get you into my life In this crazy world I've been searching for the answer The I saw you girl, I found out what my hearts been after Could have been another day But if I looked the other way Then I couldn't have known What I've been missing all along [repeat CHORUS] With all that I know Still this-- Fill me with you Girl, you know, I got it going on But all I'm missing is you You baby, oh yeah, all I'm missing is a-you! [repeat CHORUS] I need your lovin' -- give me that love Gimme that lovin' [repeat CHORUS] Wish you in my head Wish you in my bed, babe Wish you in my head Wish you in my bed, babe


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