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# Debut Chart
1 Jun '90 Mainstream Rock
8 Jun '90 Adult Contemp
18 Jun '90 Hot 100


She moved back around here Thirty-five weeks ago today Oh, down the lane

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At night she walks On the banks and remembers How she dreamed of rowing away And how she left one day She left with a driven look in her eyes Came back around with it still inside They said give it some time And you'll forget about it too We know they always do [CHORUS] Well, I know some fine day You will find your way Across the river Across the river Row down slow There's a long way to go Across the river Across the river She was proud and so strong And she tried not to Listen to idle talk Downtown where she walked They sit around and they say That she came back with Her tail between her legs Like they always said she would Well, I hear it's better On the other side They say you'll never do it So don't even try Well you may be beaten down With your closed mind But don't try to make it mine [repeat CHORUS] Your wild days are through Is what they said I dreamed she came When I was down and I walked where she led Standing on the shore She looks to the west With a look of longing That grass seems greener There's a hard and distant prize It probably won't happen But I think I'll try Well, even if it doesn't happen for me It still beats hanging around here [repeat CHORUS] Across the river......


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