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7 Dec '89 Country


Daddy used to tell me If I ran too fast I'd fall and hurt myself But the ice cream man would ring his bell And I'd get there before anyone else I'd see a puppy in the window And I'd run and press my face against the pane And Daddy'd say slow down girl After all these years I guess nothing has changed

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Chorus: That little girl I knew Ran after you But she fell this time And broke her heart in two Hey that's just like a little girl I knew Back home there stands an old house With a picket fence beneath a big oak tree I can almost see the backyard And a little girl with freckles That was me And there were dreams of toys and storybooks and Lord it seemed I wanted them so bad Now 20 years have come and gone And I'm still chasing things that I can't have Repeat Chorus Yes, I'm still that little girl Daddy I still haven't slowed down yet


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