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Lyrics by: Harlan Howard
# Debut Chart
6 Sep '89 Country


She said if I ever deceive her She'd be gone before I could count ten, I guess that I didn't believe her; Oh just look at the trouble I'm in. Chorus: Now she's gone, gone, gone, Gone, gone, gone, cryin' won't bring her back; The more that I cry, the faster that plane flies Father across the sky. Well I lost every right to be happy, Well I lost all the Heaven I found; She warned me she'd leave and she left me, Before my first tear hit the ground.

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Chorus... If I only knew where I could find her Well I'd crawl there on my hands and knees. 'Cause each tick of the clock will remind her That she's one second farther from me. Chorus... {instrumental} Chorus... Farther across the sky.


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