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Lyrics by: Mick Jones, Don Letts
# Debut Chart
2 Sep '89 Modern Rock


Hey, yeah Hey, yeah I got soul Dress got holes Got a brand new van Got a Cherokee Driving fast like flashes past Cops are chasing me Hot pants, she looked fine She said that she was mine She was cute, torched my suit And that's the bottom line [CHORUS] It's a man's man's world in America Jump back in my cell Please, please, please in America Slipping into Hell On my trail Car chase boogaloo FBI, CIA and the Russians too Kicking down the door Couldn't take no more When I'm about there is no doubt That papa's word is law [repeat CHORUS] Life can be bright in America If you can fight in America Life is alright in America If you're a white in America High speed chase on my case Radio ahead A.P.B. after me They said I shot the bed

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[repeat CHORUS] Shooting up her mink Gunshots in the air Jump back my car Good foot out of there Roadblock ahead Try to flag me down Soul power and miles per hour Feet don't touch the ground 'Cause I got soul Dress got holes Intent to kill But she loves me still [repeat CHORUS 2x] I got soul I'm super bad Living in America Sure does drive you mad [repeat CHORUS] Bullets hit the wheel Ricochet cold sweat Talking loud Black and proud Said papa don't mess Can you walk the line Rookie read my rights Million hits Did the splits This is Dynamite Funky time behind Roadblock up ahead Driving fast flashes past Super bad I said Papa's on the run With a cherokee and gun People need a hit When you're chasing number one [repeat CHORUS]


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