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# Debut Chart
58 May '89 Hot 100


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Chorus: Joy and pain Like sunshine and rain Joy and pain Like sunshine and rain Verse 1: Well I'm the new kid, I'm just comin' up A lot of rappers think that I can't tear it up Well I'm 'a show 'em and ignore 'em And when they think I ain't lookin' I floor 'em I mean take 'em out I keep groovin' A slick bass line keep the beat movin' They can't take it they just fake it They wonder how the Rob Base make it I get ill, you know the deal Cuz this is how the Rob Base feels Chorus Verse 2: I keep smokin', hot like fire You had the turn, now retire Don't talk back, I'm not a new jack Cuz I'm fresher than you, an' you're whacked I keep tryin', I'm not lyin' Up to number 1 is where I'm flyin' I won't slow down cuz I'm the new kid With the devastatin' sound that hits In the house where I used to practice No one knew the Rob exists, but now I'm gettin' greedy, don't lead me The wrong way cuz is just might, might, might Bring me down, I'll have to fight to get back up Move away cuz I just won't slack up Chorus Verse 3: Now, I go to shows to watch other MCs rock And if they're good, I don't knock The way they perform cuz I like to see a good show After that, go play C-low, y'know Cuz I'm a leader, no I'm not a follower And MCs like you I swallow 'em So don't look and try to judge me Because you think that I'm another MC, well I'm the new kind, I just moved around But that don't mean I can't rip up the town Me an' my boys, we make noise I hate MCs that think they're with toys I'm hittin' harder than any other MC Who try to come up and go against me Chorus Verse 4 Not from the old school or from the new Applaud the boom, do what you want to Talk to me then try to put me down We used to be cool now we don't hang around Used to be friends but now we're foes Ask me why, man, no one knows Maybe jealousy between you and me Could be the fame, could be the money I'm goin' for mine and I don't really care Cuz the spotlight Rob Base don't share I'm the headliner of this show And you're just a kid and you need to grow, because Chorus


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