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by Kiss
# Debut Chart
97 Jan '89 Hot 100


I got a letter Just the other day She sent a picture but She didn't sign her name She wore high heels And a little black lace I knew her body but I couldn't see her face She didn't leave a number Not an address or a clue But something in that Photograph reminded me of you

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Baby [CHORUS] Let's put the X in sex Love's like a muscle and You make me wanna flex Baby, let's put the X in sex Keep it undercover, baby Let me be your private eye I got a call in the Middle of the night Heavy breathing never Sounded quite so nice She said, ooh, yeah I wish that I was there I asked who was calling But she wasn't playing fair Sometimes you gotta suffer For the pleasure that you seek You're begging for an eyeful But you only get a peek Baby [repeat CHORUS] Oh, yeah (yeah) I heard somebody knocking So I opened up the door She wore a hat, shades And a trench coat Wasn't wearing that much more She said she knew my secrets But I didn't have a clue Then I saw those black lace panties And I knew that it was you Baby [repeat CHORUS 3x to FADE]


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