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Lyrics by: Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis
# Debut Chart
1 Sep '89 Hot 100


Shot like an arrow through my heart That's the pain I feel I feel whenever we're apart Not to say that I'm in love with you But who's to say that I'm not I just know that it feels wrong, When I'm away too long It makes my body hot, so let me tell ya baby [CHORUS] I'll tell your mama. I'll tell your friends I'll tell anyone Whose heart can comprehend Send it in a letter baby Tell you on the phone I'm not the kind of girl Who likes to be alone I miss ya much I really miss you much I miss ya much Baby I really miss you much I'm rushing home Just as soon as I can I'm rushing home to see Your smilin' face And feel your warm embrace It makes me feel so g-g-g good So I'll tell ya baby

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[repeat CHORUS] [BRIDGE] I miss you much I really really miss you You much I miss you much I'm not ashamed To tell the world I miss you [repeat CHORUS] [BRIDGE] Come Back


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