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Lyrics by: Debbie Gibson
# Debut Chart
11 Apr '89 Hot 100


Verse 1: Zappin it to ya The pressure`s everywhere Goin right through ya The fever`s in the air Oh yeah, it`s there! Don`t underestimate the power Of a lifetime ahead

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Chorus: ELECTRIC YOUTH Feel the power, you see the energy Comin` up Coming on strong The future only belongs To the future itself/in the hands of itself And the future is ELECTRIC YOUTH It`s true you can`t fight it Live by it The next generation... It`s electric Verse 2: We`ve got the most time To make the world go round Oh, can you spare a dime? Place your bet on our sound Come back to town Don`t lose sight of potential mastermind Remember when you were young Chorus Bridge: We do what comes naturally You see now Wait for the possibility Don`t you see a strong resemblance To yourself? Don`t you think what we say is important Whatever it may be... The fun is gonna start with me Cause I`m bringing it back... Chorus


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