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Lyrics by: Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis
# Debut Chart
1 Oct '88 R&B


You know, I never Meant for this to happen But if it's wrong I just feel so right [CHORUS] You give me attention You're someone who Understands my needs A man who is sensitive Everything I miss at home You know how to hold me And do all the things I want to feel Inside of each tender kiss I get everything I miss at home I was just out on the town In search of some fun I was looking for love Then you came along and shared with me All the things I miss at home

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[repeat CHORUS] Oh, yes, I do love someone But I can't pretend to be the happy one I was taken for granted, I was lonely But you were there for me [repeat CHORUS] Home is where the heart is, baby And I'm at home Home is where you Let your feelings show Everything that I know Till I met you I swear you've given me Everything I miss at home


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