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5 Jan '89 Country


He's got a US flag on his front porch To remind everyone where he lives And up in the attic there are papers that prove The old house is finally his After thirty-five years the grass still don't grow In that rock hard west Texas ground Where my old dad still clings to that old coyote town. CHORUS Like horses the pick-ups are parked out in front Of a cafe that don't need a name Where the old men rock and the tumbleweeds roll Past the boarded up windows down Main

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Waist high weeds hide a for sale sign At the drive-in where my innocence died With a rusty advertisement, dangling by a nail Says Popcorn and Pepsi for a dime And down at the depot where I left for good There's a hobo with his three-legged hound Waitin' for a train, that no longer comes to that old coyote town And the interstate rumbles like a river that runs To a rythm that don't ever slow down As cars and trucks, and time pass by that old coyote town Daddy falls asleep in the living room On the sofa with the TV on Sometimes he waits for a phone call from me Sometimes he waits too long But I still think of the people and the place that he loves How much longer will they be around Till its ashes to ashes, dust to dust For that old coyote town


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