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# Debut Chart
1 Jan '88 Country


Another morning, another day in your life without someone there by you. You had a dream again last night. You wonder why the dream just won't come true. So what ya gonna do. Walk around with your head hung down. Maybe that's the reason you've never found the one for you, so you've got to let your love shine through you eyes, your smile. You've got to let somebody know how you feel inside your heart. You'll find, somebody wants to be a part of your life. And if you just believe and say that's what you're gonna do, one day love will find it's way to you. Yes it will. One day love will find it's way to you.

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Another party, and all your friends are smiles. Oh you might meet someone new. And being close would be so nice. In this life the chances are so few. Repeat Chorus


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