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9 May '88 Country


Did ya ever wake up in the mornin' nothing was a goin' right Spent the whole night fussin' and a fightin' with your wife Bills out in the mailbox you know that you can't pay Then you try to leave for work and your cars been towed away What you needed was a.. CHORUS Real Good Feel Good Song One that makes you feel alright when everything goes wrong One that makes you move your feet and makes you sing along You need a Real Good Feel Good Song

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A friend of mine was a workin' hard savin' all his pay Like Jesse James the IRS stole most of it away Then he got chased by a street gang and he finally found a phone He called up the police and they put him on hold What he needed was a... CHORUS They say music charms the savage beast And I believe it's true Man's had it down thru history When he's had the blues He'd find a drum to beat on And a horn that he could blow You know it worked for the children of a Israel at the walls of Jericho They brought the house down with a... CHORUS x2 You need a Real Good Feel Good Song


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