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Lyrics by: Paul Kennerley
# Debut Chart
2 Jun '88 Country


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You can buy a diamond ring And slip it on my hand Put me on a big ol' plane And fly me to a foreign land Show me rows of fancy clothes Saying, Honey you can take your pick! Well, that would be mighty kind But it ain't gonna do the trick (Chorus) Give a little love A squeeze and a little kiss Give a little hug Mmm, I want some more of this Take a little time Yeah, make a little fuss That's what a woman wants So give a little love Get this, you can be some big hunk Handsome, dark and tall Talk to me in foreign tongues Or with a southern drawl Or be a man from old Siam Wear a pointed hat I don't care how you look 'Cause that ain't where it's at (Repeat Chorus) Well, there are men who'll turn your head And knock you off of your feet Sweet talk and big blue eyes Make a poor heart skip a beat Drive you wild with a smile And then they'll treat you cruel Well, I ain't gonna fall for that 'Cause Mama didn't raise no fool (Repeat Chorus)


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