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Lyrics by: David Bellamy
# Debut Chart
9 Sep '88 Country


We were there in the back seat 'Cause we couldn't go home We were too young to pay the rent

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I was working on the mechanics Of a Cross Your Heart bra LBJ was the President My pal Travis asked me The next day he said Was it hard to score I lied to him And said, it was a snap And we laughed As we walked out the door [CHORUS] We were rebels without a clue Didn't know where to go or what to do Didn't know the whole generation Was feeling it too We were rebels without a clue Buddy Holly was gone And we drank all night long Listened to his songs Where do you go in the Summer of your junior year To learn the difference Between right and wrong Me and the boys Just wanted some girls But we were scared To try a little tenderness So we souped up our cars Fought in the bars Like that was gonna get us kissed [repeat CHORUS] Now we got station wagons Now we got kids Still we have no idea Why we did what we did Now we laugh at the preppyism And we laugh at the punks And the business men who have fried And we go around betting Things would've been a lot different If James Dean and Elvis hadn't died Travis called me up the other day He said, remember that summer at the lake Where we broke every rule Said the hell with school 'Cause we had had all we could take [repeat CHORUS 2x]


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